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After many months of work, I have now finally finished my Bachelor's Thesis on how water travels through the solar system by analysing 1375 simulated protoplanet collisions.

A short summary for non-astronomers:

Ever wondered how to easily visualize the results of collision simulations?
Probably not, but I created a tutorial using the amazing :

You are interested in @Matomo and live in or around Austria?
The come to the Grazer Linuxtage next Weekend!
Besides more than 60 other workshops and talks I'll be demonstrating Matomo for beginners and experts and will give you the chance to talk to other people interested in .

I'm looking forward to seeing you!

I'm already in Vienna that early because I am travelling to Chemnitz to join the Linux Days there.
There is still many train stops ahead, but I'm already looking forward to it. Sorry for rambling a bit, but this is something I wanted to get out. 🙂

So you want to make your own analysis of the Austrian Radio station music selection or just want to find your favourite song again? Go to and browse through the collections of , , , , and more!

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On the other end of the spectrum there is Radio Wien which didn't play a single song more than 83 times.
Another fun fact: Some songs have been played many times a day until suddenly from one day to the next it stopped nearly completely.

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The most repetitive channel is by far Kronehit which has played many songs 1400-1500 times which averages to 4-5 times a day. If my calculations are correctly, they only played 831 unique songs this year.

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But you can also find out what was the most played Christmas song in December 2018: It turns out it was "Driving home for Christmas" by Chris Rea (187 times), followed closely by "Last Christmas" by "Wham!" (170 times).

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So you can just select your favourite channel, click on "Meistgespielete Lieder", select a date range and browse through the collection of all most played songs.
Find out when which song was most popular and which song just kept being played on repeat all the time.

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Now that 2018 is mostly over, I want to do a special end-of-year review using one of my favourite projects of this year:
Since middle of February, I have been recording all 1299515 times a song has been playing on Austrian radio stations.

Hey everyone! A message from the team here at Matomo 🎁🎄

Matomo Tag Manager is out of beta and available in Matomo 3.7.0. for free 🎉. If you guys have Matomo installed, update to this latest version and Tag Manager is yours to own 😎

This is such a huge milestone for us so we'd like to thank all people involved who gave feedback and supported this project.

#matomo #tagmanager #opensource #FLOSS

Wenn man ein Unternehmen auf die freie und offene Alternative Matomo (Webanalytik-Plattform) aufmerksam macht und dann als Antwort erhält:

"Google Analytics bietet uns sehr viel mehr Auswertemöglichkeiten"

fühlt man sich unweigerlich verschaukelt. Was sind denn diese mysteriösen Auswertmöglichkeiten«, die einen Einsatz von Google Analytics bzw. der Datenkrake rechtfertigen? :think_bread:

You think about the websites whatever you want, but it is amazing that they are not making any kind of third-party requests and are using nothing apart from @Matomo for website analytics.

#FollowFriday is here! Since we're new, do you guys have any suggestions for who, you reckon, would be good for us to follow?

#matomo #piwik #FF #opensource #community #freesoftware #technology

Toot, toot ... and we're off! Hi Mastodon community. We're so excited there's this open source and decentralised social network to be a part of. It aligns nicely with our values. We believe in having open source alternatives to all the big names out there 😉

#matomo #piwik #freesoftware #opensource #analytics #privacy

Liberapay is in trouble, here's our blog post that explains the situation and what you should do if you're one of our 2000 active users:

#RMLL2018 nouveau concept : kiss singing ! Maintenant au Shadok au 1er

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