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Toot, toot ... and we're off! Hi Mastodon community. We're so excited there's this open source and decentralised social network to be a part of. It aligns nicely with our values. We believe in having open source alternatives to all the big names out there 😉

#matomo #piwik #freesoftware #opensource #analytics #privacy

Liberapay is in trouble, here's our blog post that explains the situation and what you should do if you're one of our 2000 active users:

#RMLL2018 nouveau concept : kiss singing ! Maintenant au Shadok au 1er

I just setup peertube and it is incredible how easy everything works for such a new software.

Hi @rmll2018
I just wanted to try out if there are mobile apps for planning which talks to attend and it seems like there is an open source one that can interpret (Giggity)
Unfortunatly that URL returns an Internal Server Error. Can you please check if it is possible to fix this?

Ever wanted to spend about 9 years, 29 weeks, 4 days, 17 hours, 21 minutes for chocolate chip cookies?

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That's amazing: Making recipes truly from scratch!
(Try moving the sliders to longer time scales)

Linux-Tip of the day:
Check your ~/.xsession-errors

Maybe some program is having an odd error multiple times a second and is filling your disk with gigabytes of useless log data.

Preview of my latest project:
Using Markov Chains to randomly generate (and ) questions and answers.
Die meistgespielten Lieder im österreichischen Jetzt nicht nur mit Ö3, FM4 und Radio Wien, sondern auch Kronehit, Radio Arabella und 88.6!
Und dank gibt es auch Albumcover und Liedausschnitte zum Reinhören.

Neues Projekt: Schon einmal gefragt, ob im Radio dauernd dieselben Lieder spielen? Vermutlich nicht, aber hier gibt es trotzdem die Antwort:

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Mastodon ist ein soziales Netzwerk. Es basiert auf offenen Web-Protokollen und freier, quelloffener Software. Es ist dezentral (so wie E-Mail!).