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I think most of them are pretty understandable as they are specific details that are not common knowledge or happened before I learned about Astronomy :). But the surface temperature one is interesting. It's something I see people overestimate wildly often because they confuse it with the core temperature.

This guide is maybe a bit more helpful:
How to use PulseAudio to separate the output of programs into different speakers/headphones/OBS streams.

You find it slightly annoying that a completely static page causes the web server to run code? You want to shave off a few milliseconds from the page load time? Your page does not have dynamic content for your visitors? You have a static IP address at home? You are okay with slightly hackish solutions that might break spectacularly in the future?

Then I might have a short guide to caching PHP requests in Nginx for you:

@linos Danke, es freut mich, dass ich anderen irgendwie helfen kann.
Normalerweise schreibe ich nicht wirklich Anleitungen, aber beim Installieren von Jitsi vor ein paar Wochen bin ich über ein paar Dinge gestolpert und habe mir gedacht, dass man mal alles strukturiert zusammenschreiben sollte.
Die Tatsache, dass der Artikel über 10x so viele Aufrufe wie die meisten meiner Webseiten in 2019 hat, spricht dafür, dass ich wohl nicht der einzige war.
Wenn du Ideen für mehr Artikel hast, her damit!

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Die ZAMG scheint überhaupt ihre Daten nicht gerne zu teilen. Selbst reine Messdaten kosten ab 78€ (

Da bin ich echt froh Astronom und nicht Meteorologe zu sein. Da ist das Veröffentlichen von allen Daten viel selbstverständlicher.

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Es wäre wirklich cool, wenn es in Österreich auch Wetterdaten als Open Data gäbe, aber soweit ich weiß, gibt es nur, was nur 21 Stationen enthält.

@exodus Voted on all German translation strings. In my opinion they are sounding good.

covid-19, maps 

Wow, a few days ago I was slightly annoyed that the official Austrian COVID-19 Dashboard was only showing absolute numbers per district on the map and not per population which is far more helpful. So I spent a few hours getting stuck in the hell of map projections and topology to create my own:

And now they just updated the site to show relative data:

At least I got a chance to learn a bit.


In case screensharing isn't working in Jitsi Meet with Firefox 74: This is a bug and should be fixed with

You can apply that change easily to an installed instance:

@rugk In case you are a bit stuck on how to do this, I wrote a summary of the installation yesterday: @goofy
I'm looking forward to your feedback!

In case you are sitting at home and spend a lot of time calling other people like me: You might want to look into meet. ( It is really simple to use and doesn't need accounts or desktop clients.
And in case the servers get overloaded in the next weeks, you can simply host it yourself. I wrote a quick guide that sums up how to get everything running:

@cb There are tons of things to criticize about it, but one thing that fascinates me is that they have native, really responsive and FOSS clients for every platform.

It would be amazing if every messenger app was this user-friendly.

In case you need recipes for making things truly from scratch:

@suyin In case it helps: I know pretty well, but don't know Complianz.

> Change minimum required Node.js version to 10, and default to 12

They mean that you have to use at least 10, but can also use 12. If you use the docker container, it will use 12 by default.

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