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@kmj @fedilab
Indeed surprisingly few people know about this even though one should be aware that therefore subdomains are never completly hidden.

But actually this is quite the security feature as this means that if a CA tries to issue a cert for your domain, you have a chance to notice this in the log once all CAs support it and all browsers require it. I think Chrome does already, Firefox doesn't

@fedilab There is another way:
If the subdomain uses HTTPS and a certificate from Let's Encrypt (or another lage CA) then that fact will be logged in the Certificate Authority Log which is public and there are some tools online to search it for all certificates on one domain (and it's subdomains)

@l1am0 No, unless you write a bash script to do so. I'm just manually using it from time to time to backup all of /sdcard
See for more details on how to use it.

@l1am0 If you like to tinker a bit, you can try out by @ThomasWaldmann which also works on Android in Termux. It's a CLI, but it supports deduplication and encryption so that you get nice incremental backups where only little data has to be transferred from the phone.

@krita This feels very familiar to my experience. It's really hard (and I also haven't succeeded yet) to build a platform where truly people help people and not few people answer the same questions all the time.

While Discourse solves the technical issues quite nicely, the social aspect is something I still think about how it can best be solved.

Local network effects in messengers are fascinating. Here in Austria nearly everyone uses Whatsapp. Telegram isn't that popular, but used by many people I know. But interestingly hardly anyone use Facebook Messenger. I have to say that as much as I dislike them from a privacy and open source point of view (one gigantic commit every few months and versions for the android app), I have to say that they have the most user friendly, good looking, responsive and native cross-plattform clients of any messenger I know of.

And it's the only non-whatsapp messanger which is used by people I know.

@kuketzblog Ich frage mich gerade, warum ich noch nie auf die Idee gekommen bin den Endpoint selbst einzurichten.

Wenn man schon dabei ist, kann man in Firefox es auch gleich auf die eigene URL anpassen (anstatt @fitheach See also this thread between the CEO of Adblock and the creator and maintainer of ublock origin: @fitheach In addition development for ublock (not-origin) has stopped a long time until last year it has been aquired by the parent company of adblock who are since distributing software with a completly different codebase than ublock/ublock origin like uBlock-Mac under the branding of ublock:

@patricksudlow gorhill (the creater of ublock origin) explains here why it is a bad idea:
In addition, it doesn't bring you any benefit as they both use the same filter lists. So I'd recommend you to uninstall adblock plus and maybe add any filter lists you are missing to ublock origin.

You are interested in @Matomo and live in or around Austria?
The come to the Grazer Linuxtage next Weekend!
Besides more than 60 other workshops and talks I'll be demonstrating Matomo for beginners and experts and will give you the chance to talk to other people interested in .

I'm looking forward to seeing you!

@robert das einzige Problem, dass ich schon seit Jahren habe, ist dass nach einigen Monaten immer mehr Dateien nicht mehr lesbar sind bis irgendwann nach zu viel zum Starten fehlt. Aber das ist irgendwie mit SD Karten zu erwarten und zum Glück ist alles schnell wieder aufgesetzt.

I'm already in Vienna that early because I am travelling to Chemnitz to join the Linux Days there.
There is still many train stops ahead, but I'm already looking forward to it.

@dada Hi,
Apart from Adblockers there are more sources for those differences:
- Opt-Out (people can only use the opt-out iframe to opt out of js-tracking)
- DNT (Matomo by default respects the DoNotTrack Header an not stores any data)
- Bots that use a normal user agent (can't be detected in the logs), but don't execute JS.

There are probably more reasons I can't think of at the moment.

@nuron Anscheinend haben einige Leute dasselbe Problem ( und AudioFX deaktivieren hilft bei den meisten.

Das bizarre ist, dass ich dasselbe Problem seit in paar Wochen auf meinem 3T habe, aber ich noch auf 15.1 (microg) ist. Und es hilft immer nur eine willkürliche Kombination aus neustarten, ab/anstecken und AudioFX herumdrücken.

@ConnyDuck Seems like there is no x86 build apart from which is based on 14.1 and quite old.
If you want to build it yourself, there seems to be a (qemu-based) emulator included:

@hontoni @robert @fuyuhikodate Danke für die Tipps! Ich bin vor ein paar Tagen umgestiegen, hatte aber auch dauernd Probleme, die Tasten ordentlich zu treffen. Mit denen Einstellungen ist die Tastatur jetzt perfekt.
Wenn man jetzt noch die englische Tastatur auf QUERTZ umstellen könnte, wäre es perfekt, aber ich fürchte, ich muss mich daran gewöhnen.

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