@exodus Voted on all German translation strings. In my opinion they are sounding good.

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In case screensharing isn't working in Jitsi Meet with Firefox 74: This is a bug and should be fixed with github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/pu.

You can apply that change easily to an installed instance:

@rugk In case you are a bit stuck on how to do this, I wrote a summary of the installation yesterday:

In case you are sitting at home and spend a lot of time calling other people like me: You might want to look into meet. (meet.jit.si/) It is really simple to use and doesn't need accounts or desktop clients.
And in case the servers get overloaded in the next weeks, you can simply host it yourself. I wrote a quick guide that sums up how to get everything running:


@cb There are tons of things to criticize about it, but one thing that fascinates me is that they have native, really responsive and FOSS clients for every platform.

It would be amazing if every messenger app was this user-friendly.

@mike @Tmofee@social.chinwag.org
In case you need recipes for making things truly from scratch:

@suyin In case it helps: I know pretty well, but don't know Complianz.

> Change minimum required Node.js version to 10, and default to 12

They mean that you have to use at least 10, but can also use 12. If you use the docker container, it will use 12 by default.

@ocdtrekkie @bignose @urbanfuzzy
I totally agree, but I think this would be a major project.


You can
- use the opt-out iFrame to set the opt-out cookie in your browser
- enable DoNotTrack in your Browser (assuming your Matomo instance respects it)
- Add your IP address to the Global list of Excluded IPs (assuming you have a static IP)
- use plugins.matomo.org/ExcludeByDD (assuming you don't but have set up a DDNS domain)

@manu Or the semi-digital solution of printer, pen, scanner and E-Mail.

@manu Hm, indeed I have never had a need for it. And I can't think of an elegant solution for it at the moment. Using Inkscape for a single page sounds like a great idea.

@manu Yes, I don't mean annotations. When opening a pdf with a form, it shows a message with a button that lets you toogle between seeing input forms on top of every form field or seeing the input text as normal text inside the pdf.

To be fair the fact that waving works directly instead of having to go to save as is pretty new.

@manu that's fascinating. I never had a pdf form that didn't work in Okular and wouldn't be saved simply with Ctrl+s

@Phipe @exodus
Okay, most of German is done. I skipped some of the longer explanations as I'm unsure about the exact wording and some phrases aren't perfect.

Also I used the formal phrases ("Sie") as they got suggested, but I am not sure if they sound weird and should be replaced by more informal phrases.

@Phipe @exodus
Interestingly most German translations get suggested by Crowdin pretty perfectly so it seems like someone has already worked on them before.

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