Lukas Winkler

Linux-Tip of the day:
Check your ~/.xsession-errors

Maybe some program is having an odd error multiple times a second and is filling your disk with gigabytes of useless log data.

@matrix @fdroidorg @__h2__ If others like @Mastodon or even things the friendly "your ram is nearly full" reminder, that now often use Telegram bots or E-Mail, could use the same server it would be perfect. I'll definitely follow this, even though I don't expect a solution soon as this is really tough.

@matrix @fdroidorg @__h2__ Having an general standard for an Open Source Push service where one sets up one server, connects all self-hosted applications with it and could use push in all apps would be incredible. One would have the advantage of GCM (only one connection on the phone), but fully self hosted. But that's definitly not easy and probably won't happen soon.

@jomo @lukas @rugk I just noticed that also supports plus aliases (that obviously don't count against the limit)

@rugk @jomo also supports a limited amount of aliases (depending on the plan).
But they consider a @domain.example catchall as one alias, so you can get unlimited aliases on the cheapest plan this way.

@Liberapay Wow, thanks! I was just thinking that it would be nice a few days ago

Preview of my latest project:
Using Markov Chains to randomly generate (and ) questions and answers.

@seb_vallee I still have to get used to mastodon. As I am hosting my own instance, I somehow only see direct responses to the original toot and no responses to your question.

@seb_vallee @Mastodon A "git pull --tags" helped for me. Maybe you could try that out.
Die meistgespielten Lieder im österreichischen Jetzt nicht nur mit Ö3, FM4 und Radio Wien, sondern auch Kronehit, Radio Arabella und 88.6!
Und dank gibt es auch Albumcover und Liedausschnitte zum Reinhören.

Neues Projekt: Schon einmal gefragt, ob im Radio dauernd dieselben Lieder spielen? Vermutlich nicht, aber hier gibt es trotzdem die Antwort: