@oreolek @aral @strypey Just a quick note: Matomo Tag Manager is neither paid nor non-free, but GPL-licensed just like Matomo itself:

@masoud @aral The latest version of Matomo 3.7.0 (to which you should definitely update es it has quite a few fixes and new features) now ships with Matomo Tag Manager which is an open source alternative to Google Tag Manager.
It isn't enabled by default, but instead you can decide if you want to use it or completely disable the plugin.

@aral @Matomo All Tags that interact with third-parties, just embed the third-party script the regular way (e.g. github.com/matomo-org/tag-mana TawkToTag.web.js) so if you block them, nothing breaks.
If you have any ideas how Matomo Tag Manager can be made more privacy friendly, while still getting people to switch from Google Tag Manager, I really want to hear them.

@aral @Matomo Hi, I find your point interesting and would like to know more and how this could be improved. Matomo Tag Manager is 100% Open Source (unlike every other Tag Manager) in my opinion doesn't infringe privacy, but even makes it possible for a lot of people to stop using Google Tag Manager for loading Matomo.
I think the wording in the newsletter can be misunderstood as there is nothing in MTM that circumvents tracker blocker.

Matomo Tag Manager is out of beta and available in Matomo 3.7.0. for free 🎉. If you guys have Matomo installed, update to this latest version and Tag Manager is yours to own 😎

This is such a huge milestone for us so we'd like to thank all people involved who gave feedback and supported this project.


#matomo #tagmanager #opensource #FLOSS

Wenn man ein Unternehmen auf die freie und offene Alternative Matomo (Webanalytik-Plattform) aufmerksam macht und dann als Antwort erhält:

"Google Analytics bietet uns sehr viel mehr Auswertemöglichkeiten"

fühlt man sich unweigerlich verschaukelt. Was sind denn diese mysteriösen Auswertmöglichkeiten«, die einen Einsatz von Google Analytics bzw. der Datenkrake rechtfertigen? :think_bread:

@kuketzblog Es freut mich wirklich, dass hier auch andere meine Meinung teilen und das ermutigt mich auf weiterhin daran zu Arbeiten, dass möglichst viele Leute mit @Matomo glücklich sind.

PS: Folgt @Matomo auf Mastodon 🙂

@jomo schnack.cool/ by @gka seems like the closest to a self-hosted comment section.

@manu What I can't stand is software like that requires even for security updates to replace all files and copy over a not really documented list of files and modifications and fix the permissions for all of them.
I understand that there needs to be a way to monetarise, but the updater is to worst part to hold back.

@manu That's interesting. I find updating Mastodon pretty easy and straightforward (I'm not using docker). It boils down to checking out the version, run bundle and yarn, db migrations and assets and restarting all services.
The only thing that wasn't intuitive to me was when bundle required a newer ruby version and I had to run rbenv similar to the installation process.

@rugk Hm, I really don't want to defend sending private data to Google, but without more detailed proof I find it hard to belief it was enabled by default. (But it isn't impossible)
The language detection is definitely offline and open source: github.com/google/cld3

@rugk Does Google really translate sites by default?
I alsways thought (but it has been a while sice I last used Chrom{e|ium}) that they used an offline model to detect the language and if site is in an foreign language, Chrome only suggests translating it with a popup.
So in theory no data is sent to Google until the user clicks on translate. Or is the issue that they are maybe using "always translate $language" and this ways every page is sent to Google?

You think about the websites whatever you want, but it is amazing that they are not making any kind of third-party requests and are using nothing apart from @Matomo for website analytics.

@shawneric @Matomo I thought a bit about it and I think the only thing that would be possible is to track not logged-in visitors by modifying the template of your instance.
But maybe that's a good thing that a toot can't be tracked.

@gruenewuerfel Nur zur Info: Wenn du @Matomo so konfigurierst, dass keine persönlichen Daten gesammelt werden (also alles anonymisieren), brauchst du kein Popup (solange du es transparent machst, welche Daten gesammelt werden und einen einfachen Opt-Out anbietest).

Natürlich empfehle ich nochmal nachzulesen, da das keine Rechtsberatung ist 🙂

@nuron @rugk Soweit ich weis, wurde das noch nicht zu 15.1 portiert.

@mathieu @switchingsocial @Matomo If you can wait until Monday for a proper response I'll forward this to the rest of the team.

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