They are both using weblate :)
@Bubu 's weblate inspired me too look into Weblate more as I was aware of its existence, but never really used it before.
And now that we were looking for a new translation platform for Matomo, I remembered it and now we migrated everything over (to the instance hosted by the weblate team) and it's working pretty well.

Join the first edition of #MatomoCamp on November the 4th & 5th, 2021.

Digital analysts, individuals/businesses who make use of Matomo, this event is for you! 😀

If you are an experienced user, apply with a session to share your knowledge with the community.


@3rik I know pretty well, but I might be biased (as part of the Matomo team) 🙂
I never got around to testing plausible in more detail, but it looks like a pretty nice Matomo alternative.

@Bubu BTW: Thanks for posting about frequently. It made me look into it a bit more and I'm really impressed at how user-friendly it is.
We are now migrating 1.8M words of translations for Matomo to Weblate: hosted.weblate.org/projects/ma

@manu The other way is to stay on Debian testing all the time. This way the visual changes are more gradual :)
But I have to say that I'm really happy with the Debian/KDE/Plasma combination.

@matl I think this is because all updates (until today's) were not stable releases, but beta releases and if you haven't set Fdroid to automatically update to pre-releases, these updates get ignored.

Unfortunately it seems like the DoNotTrack header is slowly dying as apart from Matomo nearly everything ignores it or uses it as another bit to identify users.
The standard isn't updated anymore in years: github.com/w3c/dnt/commit/5d85
And Apple removed the support from setting the header in Safari.

@tallblondeguy @glitchtip
You're welcome. I wanted to create an issue mentioning the guide in case you were interested, but I honestly just forgot.

And many thanks for GlitchTip. It works great and does exactly what I expected from Sentry, but stopped using as it needed too much resources and had too many features for the very few exceptions I am tracking.

We're excited to announce Matomo 4 has launched! 🎉🚀🥳

THANK YOU to our team, community and contributors for making this possible!

Matomo 4 comes with greater security, more privacy protection, and a powerful new page performance feature!

Read more: matomo.org/blog/2020/11/announ

@cb Gnuplot has a huge list of output formats including plain text (bersch.net/gnuplot-doc/complet) and can plot a lot of different plots (gnuplot.sourceforge.net/demo_5), so this might help you.

@manu @amj

Kmail is just the GUI, it has nothing to do with the E-Mail fetching or notifications.
All of this is handled by akondai and you can simply stop it by running `akonadictl stop`.

And if you just dislike the notifications, you can simply disable them in the notification settings.

@cb I meant the homepage, but I also noticed that the audio page wasn't loading properly when I wanted to check it out a few days ago.
But now everything is working fine again.
Maybe it is really the server load or if you are using PHP check if there are enough workers (maybe it is waiting for one to get free).

@cb Looking good!

Weirdly enough the page takes a really long time for me to load with the initial request spending nearly 20s in what Firefox groups as TLS configuration.
Even more weirdly after a few reloads it is now loading normally...

@andre Also die Uni Wien verwendet BBB seit Mitte März für alle Vorlesungen (zumindest auf unserem Institut, aber ich glaube auch beim Rest).

Am ersten Tag ist es hoffnungslos gecrashed, aber seitdem funktioniert es ziemlich gut (auch mit Präsentationen, usw.). Wir sind aber auch selten über 30 Leute bzw. verwendet niemand eine Webcam.

Anscheinend haben sie 81 separate Instanzen/Domains aufgesetzt, wo jede Vorlesung zufällig auf einer generiert wird.

@cb Meeting up with friends (online). We all have different schedules and having a nice overview makes it easy to see when they overlap.

One more recommendation: The polls app is pretty amazing. It has all features one needs and is also pretty user-friendly to people who don't use nextcloud (or even know it) and just get sent the shared link.

@boud Hi,
I wouldn't consider myself an Astronomer yet, but I'm on the way to getting there (I just started my master’s thesis).

Indeed, there doesn't seem to be a lot of Astronomy-related discussion on the Fediverse, but that might be because it is a niche in a niche. And at least in my experience Astronomers are on average more interested in Free Software than other people, so there might be a chance.

@JayVii_de It wouldn't surprise me if it slows nginx/apache a bit down. But that is just for non-Matomo users. Matomo itself fetches this list weekly and uses it by default to exclude referrer.

@JayVii_de Weirdly enough, yes, that totally exists. There is a blacklist of spam domains in Matomo, so if you want to, you can contribute there:



@larma @microg
24 hours later, I lost around 60% battery without charging so the battery usage doesn't seem excessive.
And the overview reports around 60 collected IDs (I didn't leave the house, so there were not many phones in proximity).

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