@3rik Quick info: has been renamed to and they are even on Mastodon: @Matomo

1. Leider gibt es in den neueren Android-Versionen kaum andere Möglichkeiten für Push-Benachrichtigungen. Signal, Telegram-FOSS, riot.im und mehr implementieren ihre eigene Variante, aber die benötigt meist eine permanente Benachrichtigung und brauchen potenziell viel Strom.

2. gut möglich, dass das auch so funktioniert.

3. Ja, ich sehe es zwar nur in der ÖBB-App, aber dort funktioniert es halbwegs. Das hängt aber glaube ich auch von der App ab.

Genau, die Vorteile von microG sind für mich nur:
- Open Source cloud messaging implementierung (für push-benachrichtigungen von Google-Servern). Ist zwar nicht perfekt aus Datenschutzsicht, aber sehr praktisch.
- UnifiedNlp: Open Source Standorterkennung aufgrund von WLAN und Mobilfunkmasten (lokale Datenbank). So muss nicht jedes Mal GPS einen Standort finden, wenn die Wetterapp das lokale Wetter anzeigt.
- Google Maps API in Apps wird durch OSM widget ersetzt.

@mahibi Spotify funktioniert übrigens auch komplett problemlos.

@switchingsocial Semi-related: Is there any reason why Mailbox.org isn't listed? In my opinion they do a really great job at providing a really great (paid, but cheap) e-mail service.

@rugk There is also badssl.com/
(Mentioning it so I can look back to this post the next time I forget the URL)

@natenom Bei meinem Thinkpad (ich glaube t560) ist es genau so. Und es gibt schon immer den bug, dass wenn man ganz genau gleichzeitig mit der Abdunklung nach x Sekunden wieder die Maus bewegt oder ne taste drückt, bleibt es dunkel bis man wieder manuell heller stellt (am Anfang dachte ich alles wäre gecrashed)

@dkl @rugk @chpietsch Ich mag Dolphin für solche Sachen wirklich. Man kann die Vorschaubilder schön groß machen und dann mit tabs die Dateien ins richtige Verzeichnis ziehen.

@bthall @brandon @vancha Hi,
both is possible. You can use the normal JS script, log analytics (github.com/matomo-org/matomo-l) or send the requests to the tracking API yourself in the programming language of your choice (or use an SDK)

@switchingsocial Sorry for rambling a bit, but this is something I wanted to get out. 🙂

@switchingsocial Sorry for rambling a bit, but this is something I wanted to get out. 🙂

And I think this is what @switchingsocial is all about after all, finding alternatives that are better, not ones that are perfect. (And sometimes the ones that seem perfect aren't that useable for non-technical users and are therefore not as perfect as they seem for the general population)

One thing I learned is that there are always better/more private/more open alternatives, but just because one hasn't reached the perfect solution doesn't mean that getting closer to it isn't an improvement. LineageOS uses GA, but I am still glad for their amazing work. My phone requires binary blobs to work, but is still more "free" than most other alternatives.

Compare www.oebb.at with www.bahn.de (Austrian and German Train companies). One would expect the sites to be similar, but the former doesn't include any third-party requests and only uses a Matomo instance hosted on ÖBB servers. The latter includes at least seven different third-party domains that my adblocker blocks. (Same is valid for their apps)
While both are tracking me, I prefer ÖBB as everyone who gets the data has to follow all privacy laws I can influence.

@switchingsocial To everyone mentioning that no analytics is better than using Matomo, I want to bring an example why although you are technically right, I still think there is a very good reason to use Matomo (and that's why I am working on it):

@davidrevoy Interestingly it is smooth in the Android Open Source Webview.

@davidrevoy Looks great in Firefox for Android, but lags a bit in every loop (I think always at the start from the video)

@rugk @attero @switchingsocial Hm, you are right it isn't technically hard, but I am still having quite a trouble convincing other people to not use the play store, but use alternatives from f-droid instead or set up yalp or playmaker for the few required properitary apps.

Nevertheless it is probably by far the best mobile os there is at the moment (unfortunatly).

@attero @switchingsocial As a microG user I have to say that using LineageOS with Gapps can be useful. Getting people to use a well-maintained and up-to-date Android version without bloat is definitly an improvement.
As much as I like microG, I wouldn't recommend it to non-technical users.

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