@fedilab @fireglow A maybe a bit easier way would be setting up to restart Apache when it crashes. But as Apache should never crash without a reason, I would really check the errorlog or syslog

@toogley Hi, honestly I am mostly using my instancy to try out peertube and upload my own videos. Apart from that I am not using it that much. And the other reason why I am only following few others is that as I am hosting it on my domain, I think that some people might expect that all the videos you can see there are by me (or at least endorsed by me).
So I only want to follow instances where I can be really sure that I agree with all videos. But maybe that's just me overthinking it.

@boud @syndikalista @switchingsocial Many thanks for the correction. I still meant open source. I don't know if it is everything, but at least the frontend and lots of backend services can be found at github.com/adsabs/ under the MIT license.
The third party dependencies are really a pitty as especially the JS files could be served from their host.

Maybe I'll try to contact them about it if I find some time.

@syndikalista @switchingsocial
I'm an Astronomy student and in Astronomy there is the amazing ADS (adsabs.harvard.edu/) that allows searching for papers, is maintained with funding from NASA and I think is in large parts open source. So I never had to use Google Scholar as it makes it far easier to search and filter.

So maybe look if there is something similar for your research topic.

@tfb @switchingsocial One large German news website has written a library that does this for share buttons:

@kantel Hallo,
Ich verstehe, dass manchmal ein Update schiefgehen kann, wenn der Server gerade im falschen Moment überlastet ist und der Server-Timeout dann genau das Entpacken der neuen Dateien unterbricht.
Aber bei dir passiert dies mit einer solchen Regelmäßigkeit, wie ich es sonst nirgends gesehen habe.
Könntest du mal (beim nächsten Mal) genauer nachschauen, was das Problem ist, damit es reproduziert und behoben werden kann?

Ever wondered how to easily visualize the results of collision simulations?
Probably not, but I created a tutorial using the amazing :

BTW, @switchingsocial I just checked that if you also provide your two fonts as woff2 then most browsers would only have to load 17KB and 24KB instead of 32KB and 75KB reducing the size of the size by about a third.

@switchingsocial @jlelse @toogley

All fonts on Google Fonts are under a FOSS license as far as I know. So you can browse there for a nice font and then download it from the creator (ideally as WOFF and WOFF2 to save space).

But of course there is also nothing wrong with using the system fonts (I'm a fan of websites not looking the same on every platform but just equally good).

@kmj @fedilab
Indeed surprisingly few people know about this even though one should be aware that therefore subdomains are never completly hidden.

But actually this is quite the security feature as this means that if a CA tries to issue a cert for your domain, you have a chance to notice this in the log once all CAs support it and all browsers require it. I think Chrome does already, Firefox doesn't wiki.mozilla.org/PKI:CT

@fedilab There is another way:
If the subdomain uses HTTPS and a certificate from Let's Encrypt (or another lage CA) then that fact will be logged in the Certificate Authority Log which is public and there are some tools online to search it for all certificates on one domain (and it's subdomains)

@l1am0 No, unless you write a bash script to do so. I'm just manually using it from time to time to backup all of /sdcard
See github.com/ravenschade/borgbac for more details on how to use it.

@l1am0 If you like to tinker a bit, you can try out by @ThomasWaldmann which also works on Android in Termux. It's a CLI, but it supports deduplication and encryption so that you get nice incremental backups where only little data has to be transferred from the phone.

@krita This feels very familiar to my experience. It's really hard (and I also haven't succeeded yet) to build a platform where truly people help people and not few people answer the same questions all the time.

While Discourse solves the technical issues quite nicely, the social aspect is something I still think about how it can best be solved.

@kelly_clowers @switchingsocial
Local network effects in messengers are fascinating. Here in Austria nearly everyone uses Whatsapp. Telegram isn't that popular, but used by many people I know. But interestingly hardly anyone use Facebook Messenger.

@switchingsocial I have to say that as much as I dislike them from a privacy and open source point of view (one gigantic commit every few months and versions for the android app), I have to say that they have the most user friendly, good looking, responsive and native cross-plattform clients of any messenger I know of.

And it's the only non-whatsapp messanger which is used by people I know.

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