On the other end of the spectrum there is Radio Wien which didn't play a single song more than 83 times.
Another fun fact: Some songs have been played many times a day until suddenly from one day to the next it stopped nearly completely.

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So you can just select your favourite channel, click on "Meistgespielete Lieder", select a date range and browse through the collection of all most played songs.
Find out when which song was most popular and which song just kept being played on repeat all the time.

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Now that 2018 is mostly over, I want to do a special end-of-year review using one of my favourite projects of this year: radiostats.lw1.at/
Since middle of February, I have been recording all 1299515 times a song has been playing on Austrian radio stations.

You think about the websites whatever you want, but it is amazing that they are not making any kind of third-party requests and are using nothing apart from @Matomo for website analytics.

Ever wanted to spend about 9 years, 29 weeks, 4 days, 17 hours, 21 minutes for chocolate chip cookies?

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Preview of my latest project:
Using Markov Chains to randomly generate (and ) questions and answers.

Die meistgespielten Lieder im österreichischen Jetzt nicht nur mit Ö3, FM4 und Radio Wien, sondern auch Kronehit, Radio Arabella und 88.6!
Und dank gibt es auch Albumcover und Liedausschnitte zum Reinhören.

Neues Projekt: Schon einmal gefragt, ob im Radio dauernd dieselben Lieder spielen? Vermutlich nicht, aber hier gibt es trotzdem die Antwort:
radiostats.lw1.at mastodon.lw1.at/media/IEdyo4nb

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