How to disable #kmail notifications when kmail is closed (and you tired of spending 3 hours every day on such absurdities):

apt remove kmail

You can then re-install kmail when you need to open kmail.


@manu this solution seems to be very handy 🤣


kmail isn't running. It's something more "akonandi" something something. So you can't kill the process, you have to uninstall it.

Or, you can spend hours looking on various forums full of rage-posts about how the default settings are wrong and buried in the wrong ui and there's not even a kmail process visible you can kill.


@manu @amj

Kmail is just the GUI, it has nothing to do with the E-Mail fetching or notifications.
All of this is handled by akondai and you can simply stop it by running `akonadictl stop`.

And if you just dislike the notifications, you can simply disable them in the notification settings.

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@lukas @amj

I looked before posting this thread, didn't find anything. I'm sure it's there somewhere. I just decided to not get in the the usual distraction loop where I end up spending more time looking for solutions than just doing anything else.

I'll get back to this when I reinstall kmail.
: ]

@lukas @amj

How to disable getting emails without uninstalling Kmail:

Launch Kmail, go to "Settings" -> "Configure Kmail". Then in "Accounts" go to the tab called "Receiving" and for each account, cick on "Retrieval options" and check "Switch Offline on Kmail shutdown".

This makes "Kmail", or whatever is actually fetching emails, not fetch emails when Kmail is closed.

It's not complicated, it just needs to be found out, and sometimes, "ain't nobody got time for that".
: ]

@lukas @amj

BTW, today I can't delete emails in #kmail, "move to Trash" is greyed out. (no worries, I'll be using a different MUA to delete emails until I have time to figure it out).
: ]

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