@cb Looking good!

Weirdly enough the page takes a really long time for me to load with the initial request spending nearly 20s in what Firefox groups as TLS configuration.
Even more weirdly after a few reloads it is now loading normally...

@lukas that is very weird... are you loading chrisbeckstrom.com, or chrisbeckstrom.com/noisecloud-dev/public? I've also noticed some weird loading times on both, I suspect I might be overloading my server

@cb I meant the homepage, but I also noticed that the audio page wasn't loading properly when I wanted to check it out a few days ago.
But now everything is working fine again.
Maybe it is really the server load or if you are using PHP check if there are enough workers (maybe it is waiting for one to get free).

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@lukas ah ok! that's a great hint. I am using PHP but the more I look at my server load, the more I think it's MySQL that's choking. I have a feeling I'm not closing the connections correctly from my php code, and it's MySQL that is waiting to get one free
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