Is #advertisement in website #analytics a thing?

Website I am managing uses #matomo to collect e.g. the referrer domain.

Lately, there a lots of weird referrers, all of which are some form of #SEO optimization websites/offers...

@JayVii_de Weirdly enough, yes, that totally exists. There is a blacklist of spam domains in Matomo, so if you want to, you can contribute there:

@lukas this is really helpful, thanks a lot! I do wonder, whether performance would degrade, if nginx/apache has to check a giant list of referrers for every single user, however. Do you have any insights regarding that?


@JayVii_de It wouldn't surprise me if it slows nginx/apache a bit down. But that is just for non-Matomo users. Matomo itself fetches this list weekly and uses it by default to exclude referrer.

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@lukas thanks, I opened a PR and see what happens :)

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