Made #pizza from dough that I froze 2 days ago when I made the last one. Defrosted over the course of the whole day in the fridge, and it cooked up great after I rolled it out. Tomato paste was frozen too - so I can keep most perishable parts stashed easily, it seems.

Done as a thin crust pizza on a large tray, instead of in the cast iron. Topped with just little a salami.


@mike saying that, unless you’re using preservative free Tom paste, that stuff lasts for ages..

@Tmofee I have a long standing project to make a pizza from scratch, as much as possible. I'll be using tomatoes from my garden to make the sauce very soon, probably going to need to freeze that.

Making mozzarella isn't far off. Growing wheat probably won't happen for quite a while. Heh.


In case you need recipes for making things truly from scratch:

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