I'm looking for recommendations on ethical website analytics. Currently on my list are Matomo and Fathom. Any others I should check?
#privacy #analytics

@urbanfuzzy Those are the ones I know of, yes.

You probably already know #Matomo was previously named Piwik #analytics. You might not know #Sandstorm helps you self-host it. sandstorm.io/news/2016-05-12-a

@bignose @urbanfuzzy Important disclaimer:
The sandstorm app hasn't been updated in 3 years and is behind by many releases. It also isn't maintained by the Matomo team, but in github.com/zarvox/piwik

@lukas @bignose @urbanfuzzy Getting Piwik updated on Sandstorm (and/or it's Sandstorm support upstreamed) would be pretty cool.


@ocdtrekkie @bignose @urbanfuzzy
I totally agree, but I think this would be a major project.

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