wow, creates astonishing beautiful maps by rendering only (but every single!) road in a city or a district.


Fantastic site/tool. Do you know if it's possible to be able to save the resulting vector drawing of the roads map? Graphic designer say: 🤤. And also: 😉.


@jaze @3rik
You can use which will show an experimental "Export as a vector" button.

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@lukas @3rik

Thanks for your input, Lukas. I went back to the query/result I tried out THEN noticed that by clicking on "Customize..." there's a tab which opens up and gives you some options to export, including on a mug (clever), but also PNG and the sought after SVG.

A tip of the mug, then, to @anvaka for putting in the work on this site/tool.

...and peace to all y'all!

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