How lightweight is #matomo? Is there a super-light-weight bare-bones alternative I can use on my site?

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That really depends on what you consider Lightweight. I guess the best way is to simply try it out.
But if you really only need the most basic features, you take a look at one of the other selfhosted, FOSS analytics solutions.

@lukas host only supports PHP/Python/MySQL/Postgres and no continuously running scripts. Maybe I can modify one of these for use ...🤔


@badrihippo With those limitations it is probably best to stay with Matomo or maybe

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@lukas ahh...OpenWebAnalytics is probably what I need! I looked at Matomo and it looks great, but at 50MB it seemed like an overkill

@lukas I wish I could use Fathom though...maybe when I get a server 😌💭

@badrihippo Good news: It seems like the planned 2.0 version will be based on PHP.
Bad news: It won't be FOSS anymore:

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