I'm an Astronomy student and in Astronomy there is the amazing ADS ( that allows searching for papers, is maintained with funding from NASA and I think is in large parts open source. So I never had to use Google Scholar as it makes it far easier to search and filter.

So maybe look if there is something similar for your research topic.

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@lukas @syndikalista @switchingsocial The ADS provides *open access* (not CC-BY) data, not "open source". The new is quite good at showing which articles are closed vs open access by mouse-overs. Unfortunately the ui.* web pages have a lot of GAFAM-dependent functionality:,,, and even the downright evil (use the firefox plugin for fine-grained refuse/accept control).

@boud @syndikalista Many thanks for the correction. I still meant open source. I don't know if it is everything, but at least the frontend and lots of backend services can be found at under the MIT license.
The third party dependencies are really a pitty as especially the JS files could be served from their host.

Maybe I'll try to contact them about it if I find some time.

@lukas @syndikalista @switchingsocial Thanks for the link to - I vaguely remembered that but didn't remember where to find it to check. So you're correct about "open source" in that sense. Don't hesitate to email the ADS (politely and constructively, of course :)) - in my experience, for bibliometric corrections (or web service bugs) the ADS usually responds quickly and efficiently. The ADS might not (yet) know about e.g. for non-GAFAM services.

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