🤔 Is there any automated Android backup solution you know?
I am totally willing to pay for that service, as long as the client is FOSS and encrypts my data in a good manner.
Most importantly I want to backup the data on my internal storage, so files, images, videos as my Calendar, Mail, Contacts are IMAP/ICAL anyways.

Would be awesome if you could help me to find something like that!

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@l1am0 If you like to tinker a bit, you can try out by @ThomasWaldmann which also works on Android in Termux. It's a CLI, but it supports deduplication and encryption so that you get nice incremental backups where only little data has to be transferred from the phone.

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@lukas @ThomasWaldmann Does it work automated? I love borg for my desktop backups! Would be awesome to have it for mobile to

@l1am0 No, unless you write a bash script to do so. I'm just manually using it from time to time to backup all of /sdcard
See github.com/ravenschade/borgbac for more details on how to use it.

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