Folgen To everyone mentioning that no analytics is better than using Matomo, I want to bring an example why although you are technically right, I still think there is a very good reason to use Matomo (and that's why I am working on it):

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Compare with (Austrian and German Train companies). One would expect the sites to be similar, but the former doesn't include any third-party requests and only uses a Matomo instance hosted on ÖBB servers. The latter includes at least seven different third-party domains that my adblocker blocks. (Same is valid for their apps)
While both are tracking me, I prefer ÖBB as everyone who gets the data has to follow all privacy laws I can influence.

One thing I learned is that there are always better/more private/more open alternatives, but just because one hasn't reached the perfect solution doesn't mean that getting closer to it isn't an improvement. LineageOS uses GA, but I am still glad for their amazing work. My phone requires binary blobs to work, but is still more "free" than most other alternatives.

And I think this is what is all about after all, finding alternatives that are better, not ones that are perfect. (And sometimes the ones that seem perfect aren't that useable for non-technical users and are therefore not as perfect as they seem for the general population) Sorry for rambling a bit, but this is something I wanted to get out. 🙂

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