The free libre open source analytics software Matomo (formerly known as Piwik) is now on the fediverse:


They also have a website:

The software costs nothing if you self-host, and they also offer a paid hosted option for people who prefer it.

Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo's data stays entirely on the site that uses it. No one else has access to it, so there's no way for it to be aggregated across many sites.

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> Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo's data stays entirely on the site that uses it.

So the hosted version has access to the analytics data of all the visitors of all the sites using the hosted version, and can track people exactly like Google? (but on a much more limited subset of websites, obviously)


@mathieu @switchingsocial @Matomo
Thanks for the notice. Every customer has a completely separate Matomo instance and no data is connected between them.

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@lukas @switchingsocial @Matomo that's very good to hear. 🙂

I take it you work at Matomo?

Can you share some more details about the measures taken to ensure the company doesn't link these data, now or in the future? (e.g about being bought by a bigger company which would be less ethical than Matomo seems to be)

@mathieu @switchingsocial @Matomo If you can wait until Monday for a proper response I'll forward this to the rest of the team.

@lukas @switchingsocial @Matomo I can absolutely wait.

Thank you for engaging like this, too few companies do, and it makes it much easier to trust Matomo. 🙂

@mathieu @lukas @switchingsocial

Hey Mathieu we love hearing from new community members so we're glad you're posing these important questions. We believe in 100% data ownership for each user. So the main protection our users get is the data processing agreement ( and terms of services ( Both give users assurance that data belongs to them and that we can't do anything with it 😉

@Matomo @lukas @switchingsocial hi! Thanks for answering.

I read both those documents and didn't see anything that guarantees you won't sell the data or otherwise profit from it.

I also didn't see anything about not aggregating data from a visitor across multiple websites using your hosted solution.

Did I miss it?

Hi Mathieu!

Re: selling/profiting from the data. You own all the rights to your own data, we obtain no rights to yours or your user's data so we have no right to sell it or profit from it.

@mathieu @lukas @switchingsocial

Re: aggregating data. If you use our hosting solutions you get to aggregate the data on your own account. However, since you have 100% control over what you choose to do with that data. We don't have rights to do anything with it so we can't aggregate data across accounts. You can track multiple websites in one account and choose to aggregate the data yourself, but it's not something we will do for you. Hope that addresses your concerns :)

@mathieu @lukas @switchingsocial

As for whether Matomo will ever be bought by a larger company. Our founder @matthieu has made it his mission to ensure Matomo remains a freely accessible open source platform for the future. So there are no plans to sell Matomo now or ever 😎

@Matomo @lukas @switchingsocial with a name like that, he's clearly evil! 😂

More seriously, Red Hat published a legally binding document a while ago, that if they ever get bought, the new owner will not be allowed to use their patents against FOSS, following their current pledge never to do so.

You have no intention to sell, but it could happen one day. You can take measures right now to make sure the new owner pursues your mission. ☺

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